Soccer Cup Solitaire Super Deal!

I love soccer and I hope you do too (it’s OK if in your country they call it football). I love playing it, I love watching it. Yesterday I was watching great match between Lech Poznan and Juventus Turyn in Europa League 2011. Very good game between two teams that ended with a draw result 1:1. Still it let Lech Poznan advance to the next round.

Soccer Cup Solitaire cards game download Soccer Cup Solitaire cards game download

And here comes the deal: To celebrate the fact that Lech Poznan advanced to the next round we are setting up a 50% discount for Soccer Cup Solitaire. Just enter LECHPOZNAN in the coupon code area to get a discount. Soccer Cup Solitaire Super Deal won’t last forever so hurry up, as it expires December 9th.

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