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We’ll be releasing our top games like Soccer Cup Solitaire, Spooky Runes, The Perfect Tree and our latest release Dress-Up Pups. Though before we finish the process of making Linux builds I’d love to hear if you think that our current builds for Linux are player-friendly. Please download one of Runes of Avalon games and let me know either via email (support at or or posting a blog comment.

Download Runes of Avalon for Linux
Download Runes of Avalon 2 for Linux

Unfortunately, after installing Ubuntu 10.10 I found out that Runes of Avalon 2 doesn’t work on it. It installs fine, but so far I can’t make it work. If you find out that one of our games doesn’t work on your Linux build please let me know and give as much details as possible.

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  2. Xilanaz says:

    via ….

    OpenSuSE 11.2
    KDE 4.3.5

    Runes of Avalon:

    * starting from the installer gives a ~/runes_of_avalon/runes_start: line 3: 7321 Segmentation fault ./runes_of_avalon
    * shortcut created does not start the game either
    * manual starting the game from the command line inside the install directory works fine
    * no messages otherwise
    * uninstall works as expected

    Runes of Avalon 2:

    *starting from the installer gives a ~/roa2demo/roa2-start: line 3: 7567 Segmentation fault ./runes-of-avalon-2-demo
    * shortcut created does not start the game either
    * manual starting the game from the command line inside the install directory works fine
    * messages while starting
    socket(): Address family not supported by protocol
    AL lib: pulseaudio.c:386: Context did not get ready: Connection refused
    GotoB NuLL = gfx/wrapper/gfx/go_to.png
    * message while playing
    poiNt null
    GotoB NuLL = gfx/wrapper/gfx/go_to.png
    poiNt null
    * messages when closing
    appstub.linux signal handler 11AL lib: ALc.c:1327: alcDestroyContext(): deleting 6 Source(s)
    AL lib: ALc.c:1650: alcCloseDevice(): deleting 62 Buffer(s)
    * uninstall works as expected

    The AL lib message about pulse happen because I don?t have pulse running but KDE 4 has some pulse stuff installed and you can?t get rid of it. However sound is fine as it then defaults to ALSA

    I think the failure to launch has something to do with not launching from inside installed directory but did not try to solve it yet, to little time.

    Both games seem very addictive though !

  3. Eric says:

    The icon in the menu gets added to the root of the tree. It should probably go under the games menu.

    But this one:

    ./runes-of-avalon-2-demo: /home/eric/roa2demo/ version `GLIBC_2.11′ not found (required by /usr/lib32/

    Why are you distributing libc?!?!?! I think you may want to find someone to help you out on the linux side of the house. There’s a lot of problems here it seems.

  4. Thanks for the tests guys, I really appreciate this. It took me quite a while 2 years ago to build those installers, but it seems that things has changed a bit since then. Any help regarding making Linux games delivery better is very welcomed.

    I am interested to hear if we should keep this auto installer or just make a nice zip. Somehow I’ve got the feeling that the zip is the way to go. I used to get question about how to run the installer (people didn’t know that they need to check “run as executable”) and I would have to make a zip anyway to include readme file anyway.

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  6. Xilanaz says:

    I am not an expert or anything, but tinkered a bit and found the following:

    roa2-start script is not really seen as a shell script, adding #!/bin/sh as 1st line solved that and it at least gets executed from the shortcut.
    After doing that the script returns the error: roa2-start: line 3: 7567 Segmentation fault ./runes-of-avalon-2-demo, same as when starting from the installer

    removing the LD_LIBRARY_PATH line solves it and runs the game, so I am guessing you get the segment fault because your included library’s don’t work to well with those default on my system, without the new path I think its uses the defaults on my system and works fine.

    Of course I could simply execute runes-of-avalon-2-demo and not use the script at all since by removing the path line the script does noting extra 🙂

    Some more playing around:
    1- you point to gfx/wrapper/gfx/go_to.png but that file is not included
    2- I dragged runes-of-avalon-2-demo, sfx, gfx and data to a new location and the demo runs fine without any of the lib’s

    I am not an expert on this library stuff, I can just say that without them it works fine, using them via the LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not work. You got my mail if you want to contact me about some more tests.

    As for your question about the installer, I do believe that a good installer (and have no issues with yours) makes the whole experience better for linux starters or none geek users 🙂 You might want to move the shortcuts one step lower inside Games and not in the root.

  7. J Pabloff says:

    Hello – New to Ubuntu. Just purchased Runes of Avalon full… how best to install?

  8. You need to download the game and then tick “Allow run as executable” or something like that for the installer program. Then installer will guide you. If you have more questions it’s best to contact me directly at support @ (without spaces).

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