I need your help!

Yes, I need your help. We are working on two new games: Pony World and Alice in the Wonderland. We run out of funds. The games are almost done, but some extra funds would take down a lot of stress from us (we are very small self-funded studio). So how can you help? BUY one of our games:

Runes of Avalon
Maggie the Gardener
or Tom’s Hen House

Pony World is a huge game. Very beautiful. With lots of freedom and possibilities. We just finished new title screen (it’s in polish). It adds a lot to the game.

Pony World title screen

Alice in Wonderland (this is codename title) is a puzzle game similar to… Professor Fizzwizzle. Yes, we love Prof. Fizzwizzle so much that decided to create similar game to it. With a twist of course :).


Please help us a little bit. Even a single sale is very appreciated.

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