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About US

FANTRIS was released in 1995

Our story began In 1995 when myself (Roman Budzowski) and my friend Damian Galinowicz made our first computer game. At this time Amiga was very popular, we still attended High School and did want to create something great. And we did - FANTRIS, a clone of a very popular Tetris game, which was invented by us, was recognized by many people as the best Tetris version for Amiga. This game had marvellous graphics and music (obviously as for that time), a multiplayer mode and a storyline. The game was very engrossing and this fact was also noticed by different professional journals, in which we - the authors - got one of the best notes (9 out of 10).

Unfortunately, after that we both started studying, so our next project was never finished. Maybe the true reason for this was just that it was too hard for us to complete at this stage. Anyway, this exciting experience in creating computer games was bound to stop for about 10 years.

In 2003 I decided to set up on my own small business, which was going to make internet projects. The main created product was a supporting system for scientific conferences. A perfect, niche product. Again, unfortunately, we did not manage to make a name for ourselves straight away as we did not have much marketing experience then (but now we are making up for this lost time).

In the end of 2004 I asked Damian to co-operate again and so we became a good team again. In the beginning of 2005 we decided to try our luck at creating computer games again. We were really fed up with making another version of a website, searching for a next contract or even with price negotiations.

And so arose Simon the Farmer. My brother Peter created a hero of a game designed for children. Together with this character there were some short stories, which were aimed at introducing Simon's world. We decided to make up a game for the youngest kids (such as my little daughters) - it was meant to be very original, unique, colourful and not too educational but, on the other hand, showing an interesting world, which children do not normally meet. Another graphic designer (Grzegorz Szczygiel) joined our team to enable us to work and complete the game faster.

At the end of the story, the number of members in our team increased again - we hired one more person (Oskar Smokowski) when for different reasons creating the game started to be too delayed.

Regrettably, not everything was going as we had intended. In September 2005 Damian decided to leave the team for a while and went to Ireland to work. Nothing special, a job in a cookie factory, but some good money.

So it is that our team consists of three members at the moment:

Roman Budzowski Grzegorz Szczygiel


Roman Budzowski

Grzegorz Szczygiel

Oskar Smokowski

Who's who in ANAWIKI?

Roman Budzowski - Team Leader & Programmer
Despite spending most of my time on programming, I consider myself to be more a leader of the team than a programmer. It is so because I couldn't have created such a good game as the one which the whole team managed to make. Leading such a team is both a pleasure and a challenge. Obviously, I also have several other responsibilities: designing new games, searching for new ideas, marketing and the website support. It is quite a lot for just one person, but that is always the way it is when you consider the environment of independent, small producers of computer games.

Grzegorz Szczygiel - Graphics
Most of the artistic works are of Grzegorz

Oskar Smokowski  - Programmer
Oskar was the last person who joined us, but he provided fresh impetus for all of us right away! That was him who programmed both Maggie's Garden and a throw at the shooting target at Tom's Hen House.


We thought very carefully about the name for our team, which took long time. We discussed a few different names but in the end we chose ANAWIKI, though some people tend to associate this name with 'wikipedia'.

ANAWIKI is a combination of two names of my daughters: Anastazja and Wiktoria. That was my own way of celebrating my coming back to making up computer games. It was Wiktoria who I started creating Simon the Farmer for (and then we marked off Tom's Hen House from it).

Wiktoria Amelia
Wiktoria, 2 yr. old Anastazja, 8 months old

The name ANAWIKI, comparing to other names, had one more undeniable advantage while being created - it was unique (and still might be). Before we started using it, we had checked the 'google search' and nothing had appeared on the word 'anawiki'.


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