The Ponys update

It’s been a while since I posted updates on the Ponys game. One of the reasons is that we’ve been fully concentrated on finishing Runes of Avalon. The other reason is that there was not much going on with it. But since mid january we have a new guy in a team that moves this project forward day by day. Our plan is to finish this game by March 31st. This is an ambitious task, but then – we love challanges 😀

Here’s a little screenie from the game. Make sure to view it full size (click on the image). It’s raining man! It doesn’t look so lovely on a static picture, but so far it’s the only thing I can show you at the moment. There’s planty of stuff for your ponys to do – not only you can feed them, but you can let them play many games, build your own farm, decide whether you want to make a party, go to a race, start up in a beauty contest and much more…

ponys game

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