Mystery Mosaics for iOS released :)

Mystery MosaicsI’m happy to shout that Mystery Mosaics for iOS launched in the App Store.

Download Mystery Mosaics from the App Store

How will you solve the mystery of the Mosaics?

The secrets of the ancients lie in your hands! These relics are charged with awesome and mysterious power, such as the realm has not seen in centuries. Many factions fight to be the first to unlock them, while others would prefer the secrets were lost to the mists of time. How will you approach the riddle?

Mystery Mosaics features two modes of play – Pick-a-Pix and Fill-a-Pix – each with 100 challenging levels. Travel across the land, visiting exotic locales and learning the lore of the realm as you work to unravel the puzzles and crack the secrets of the Mosaics. Beautifully painted, high-resolution backgrounds and ever-increasing challenge await you along the way.

You can download Mystery Mosaics from the App Store for free.

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