How can you restore the Deck of Nature and save Avalon?

You can’t… but Druids can. Become a Druid and save Avalon.

Avalon Legends Solitaire screenshot and downloadAvalon. A land of lush forests, great plains, tall mountains… and most of all, magic! The Druids of Avalon wield powerful healing magic, activated through the use of magic cards. Just like runestones, the magic of the cards is unlocked by placing them in the correct order.

Travel through 200 unique levels, collecting magic cards along the way in your quest to reassemble the Deck of Nature. Collect your thoughts, plan your moves, and set up elegant combos to maximize your score multiplier, earning gold to trade at the store for fascinating and useful relics. Collect and save wild cards, and use them wisely to achieve perfect results!

This is solitaire at its best – relaxing, addictive, and challenging. With 12 bonus items to buy, 13 awards to unlock, and multiple challenges to overcome on the way, Avalon Legends Solitaire will provide you with hours of card-stacking fun.

Visit Avalon Legends Solitaire website or download it via link below. We have Windows and Mac version available, and Linux version will follow shortly.

Download Avalon Legends Solitaire for Windows (48MB)
Download Avalon Legends Solitaire for Macintosh(48MB)

Enjoy the game and spread the word about it.

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