New game annoucement and new site feature

We’re pleased to announce a new solitaire game with the secret name for the moment, but it will be revealed within 2 weeks. The game is set in the mythical world of Avalon and you’ll be able to meet druids, faeries, dragons, knights and King Arthur. Maybe even Merlin. You might even see characters from Runes of Avalon game :). Here are 2 beautiful backgrounds from upcoming game.

Solitaire Cards Avalon Faerie Solitaire Cards Avalon Faerie

Browse games by genre! That’s the new feature that debuts on Anawiki Games today. Right under download button on game’s page you can see all the categories the game belongs too. If you want to see any other games in that category just click on the link.

You can browse games in following categories:
Match-3, 3-in-a-row
Brain Teaser
Jigsaw Puzzle
Solitaire, Card
Marble Poppers

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