The Great Chocolate Chase for PC and Mac

One of my readers sent an interesting email to me on Monday. She wrote: I want something adult and sophisticated, like
Runes. What do you recommend?

Adult and sophisticated is hard to find in casual games, but I’ve searched through games and found two that meet this criteria, and are still safe for kids 😉 It doesn’t mean that those games are so hard you will not enjoy playing them. They are sophisticated in a good way.

The Great Chocolate Chase

Chocolatier serves up a brand new treat!

Continue exploring the deliciously rich world of Chocolatier, now with an adventure game twist! Join Evangeline Baumeister and your favorite Chocolatier characters, making and serving chocolate treats to international customers in a series of exotic chocolate shops around the globe. With the help of Klaus Werner’s creative inventions, you’ll face new challenges at every turn to get new chocolates into the eager hands of hungry customers. You can never have too much chocolate!

* A Fast-Paced Twist On Chocolatier!
* Play Story Or Endless Sweets Mode!
* Explore 6 Exotic Locations!
* 60 All-New Levels In Story Mode!

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Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

Grab a box of exotic infusions and build your own chocolate empire!

The delicious world of chocolate is once again turned on its side in this new chapter of the Chocolatier saga! There is a mole controlling Baumeister Confections, and it is up to you, along with the help of the rebellious and independent granddaughter of Evangeline, to build a new empire from the ground up to take over Baumeister Confections. Rise up in this industrial age of innovation and seek out secret ingredients to create rich new recipes as you enter the world of Chocolatier 2!

* Build Your Chocolate Empire!
* More Than 200 Different Quests!
* Find Secret Ingredients And Hidden Ports!
* 72 Recipes To Acquire And Create!

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