Runes of Avalon 2 announcement

This is the first public announcement of Runes of Avalon 2. And this time it is very different. First part of Runes of Avalon was announced very early in development process. This one is done almost at the end of it. Over 10 months has passed since release of Runes of Avalon. A lot have changed in ANAWIKI during that time. We released Pony World and Path of Magic. We learned a lot designing levels for Path of Magic and gathered a lot of players feedback. This knowlegde was very important during development of Runes of Avalon 2.

The whole new game introduces few new elements. One of the most important changes is adding Amulet of Spells. Evelyne finds Amulet on her way and learns to use it. It lets her cast spells on request. Powerful spells – fire, color, time and magic sand spell. Each spell needs a different rune to be activated. For example, fire spell needs red or blue runes, color spell needs gold or silver runes, time spell needs grey runes and magic sand needs green runes.

I am very excited about Amulet of Spells. It adds a new strategy elements to the game. We could create new levels. And it brings Evelyne to the new level of magic skills.

To be released soon…but if you want to try it sooner then sign up to our beta test program.

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