Gemsweeper – better than sudoku :)

Roman BudzowskiBefore I’ll write about Gemsweeper I want to tell you that I was recently playing with ideas for my blog. Pic here, link there. Some brainstorming, some reading here and there. As a result of this you can notice my photo in the blog header (probably 3 years old, but the best one I found on my hard drive). Hope you like it. I’ll be adding other little twists to my blog later to make it even better that it is at the moment.

Gemsweeper screenshootBut let’s get back to the topic… Gemsweeper is very nice game with numbers and gems. It may not look very impresive on screenshots. It may not have impressive download size. But who cares? All I care about is that is really enjoyable game where you have to solve a board described by a series of number. In some ways it is very similar to sudoku, but it is so much better. Puzzles are fun, not too hard, not too easy, with the right difficulty progression. This is one of those games: “just one more level”. Just play it and tell me what do you think about this game.

Download GEMSWEEPER now.

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