2007 plan for ANAWIKI GAMES

New Year has come and I was thinking about what I would like to achieve in 2007. I was really surprised how clear my goals are. So here is my list:

  • finish and release Runes of Avalon in January – this is a game I am really excited about. It’s damm cool and I believe it will be next Bejeweled for casual games. See the trailer. Get excited too.
  • have some rest in February – I was going to have my vacation in November 2006, though never managed it because of too much development
  • late February – release level pack for Runes of Avalon
  • finish and release “Ponys” game in March – well, this game was supposed to be finished in 2006, though we put all effort into finishing Runes of Avalon
  • April-May – release little add-on to Runes of Avalon – this will be probably a little jigsaw type game
  • get Alice in Wonderland (codename) to beta (at least) by June
  • make a sequel to Runes of Avalon by November – no details yet, but we have some nice ideas
  • release casual strategy game in December – this one is top secret at the moment, though I am very passionate about it.

It looks like a lot of work for such a small team like ANAWIKI GAMES. Small is huge 😉 when it comes to effectiveness.

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