Genious or insane…

I’ve downloaded some new levels for Prof. Fizzwizzle game (did you know that there are more that 550 of them?). Some of them are really impressive. To be honest – some of them are designed by insane or genious people. Let’s take for example level called Feeling blue. It looks difficult just by looking at it. But guess what – this one is so hard that you’ll probably have to watch it hundred times to learn full solution. It’s not just puzzles – you need excelent timing also. I strongly recommend to download this one and turn on show solution feature. Very soon you’ll start asking yourself – you have to be either genious or insane to solve it on your own 😀

But don’t be afraid – each custom level has rating that say whether it’s good or not, how difficult and so on. And in game levels are well designed with superb difficulty progress.

Prof. Fizzwizzle download

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