FizzBall preview

Do you remember professor Fizzwizzle? Now he’s back in FizzBall. What’s FizzBall? This is next great invention of cute professor. It bounces, it flyes and it catches everything on it’s path. And then it gets bigger (and bigger). FizzBall is an arkanoid kind of game. I am not a fan of that kind of games, but I really like what I have seen in FizzBall so far. The Twist is very oryginal, game physics reminds me BreakQuest a little. Unbreakable trees drop fruits or pinecones, hens hit by fizzball lay eggs. Lot’s of small details to enjoy. Bouncing fizzball reminds me pinball games. I like that very much.

Grubby Games new game keeps the same level of polish we could see in Prof. Fizzwizzle. It also is as playable as their first game. Here are few screens from FizzBall. I can’t wait to see full version release.

FizzBall screenshotFizzBall screenshot
FizzBall screenshotFizzBall screenshot

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