Fairies review

FairiesThere are just a few puzzle games that I like and Fairies is the one I like the most. Why do I like it so much? There are few reasons. Not only it has amazing special effects, but also graphics and music are awesome. And it’s very challenging, which is quite odd in nowadays games.

When I run the game for the very first time and started to play I lost on a first level. I was like “what the hell?”. That’s not what you expect from a casual game. In other games it is enough to click on the?playfield few times and you make it to the next level. But not in Fairies. You need to do matches fast and smart. And that’s what I love about this game! Game might be difficult, but not frustrating. Take it as a challenge.

Does this game have any odds? If I had to point one, I’d say story-line. It’s not exposed at all in the game, but that’s a minor falldown.

So go and play Fairies. This game is worth it.

Description and screenshots
Download: Fairies pc download

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