World Uncovered and marathon run!

Sometimes you travel, sometimes you run… And sometimes you travel to run 🙂 Last week me and my friend Eliza traveled to Mierzecin. I traveled to root for her, she traveled to run in marathon. We both wore World Uncovered themed t-shirts. The event was hosted in spectacular woods, which happened to be a joy and trouble for runners. They simply got lost during the run and almost no-one finished the run. But still, it was lovely being there.

Eliza marathon World Uncovered run fog of world alternativeMarathon Mierzecin  run World Uncovered iOS App Store fog of world alternative

What is World Uncovered? World Uncovered tracks your travels for you and maps them in vivid detail. It will show you where you’ve been, how fast and how high you were going, and how often you’ve returned to your favorite places. Can you walk every block in your city? Climb all the mountains in your area? How many countries have you visited? What landmarks have you seen? Find out, with World Uncovered. It’s also the best alternative to Fog of World!

Download World Uncovered for iPhone from the App Store.

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