Animal Drop Safari for Windows and Mac OS released

Travel the world from the savannah to the arctic, collecting nature photos on this match-3 safari adventure in Animal Drop Safari!

We are proud to announce that our newest match-3 game is available for purchase for Windows & Mac OS (the game is also available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices).

Animal Drop Safari is the perfect match-3 adventure for nature lovers of all ages. Swap and pop cute and colorful animals to complete each level?s unique challenges. Sometimes you?ll be striving for a high score, other times you might be trying to free animals from their cages or contending with tricky hedgehogs. Complete a level with moves to spare and you?ll set off a chain reaction of power-ups, watching the points roll in. Can you get three stars on every level?

As you progress through the game?s stages, you?ll have opportunities to snap pictures of all sorts of wildlife, earning money to spend on power-ups and extra lives. Fill your album and you?ll earn that coveted role of cover photographer for Animal World.

Animal Drop Safari features 200 levels across 9 natural environments, as well as 5 power-ups to collect. It starts off easy, but later levels feature some fiendish designs that will require careful thinking and judicious use of your power-ups to complete, let alone achieve three stars.

Buy Animal Drop Safari for Windows
Buy Animal Drop Safari for MacOS

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