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NewYear year = new NewYear(2007);

If you wonder what the hell does above statement mean then for sure you’re not a programming geek. No, don’t go to programming classes, it just means that new year is coming. I wish you in new year 2007 loads … Continue reading

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Maggie the Gardener box cover

Few days ago I found Maggie the Gardener (Polish edition) on store shelves. I do think that cover looks very cool. Have a look at scanned images I prepared for you 🙂 Next month, Jan 2007, Tom’s Hen House will … Continue reading

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Wii excercise!

This is really funny. Only a few months ago everyone was laughting at new Nintendo console name and now what? Everybody seems to love it. Though I don’t own Wii I read all those threads to find out what the … Continue reading

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Parking lots are full!

Are you a driver? Then you’re probably happy that Christmas is only once a year. Shopping, driving by malls is very difficult at this point of time. I went to buy Christmas gifts yesterday. I didn’t expect that 4 storey … Continue reading

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Runes of Avalon – trailer and official website

We are extremely happy to annouce Runes of Avalon official website and trailer. We’ve been working on those two for last two weeks. Website is still not completely finished, but most important parts of it are functioning. Hope you like … Continue reading

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Keep your mind fresh

I was about to write preview of Runes of Avalon but… I did not. Our publisher proposed few small changes to gameplay. While those changes look small on paper, it will take time to implement them. What I fear most … Continue reading

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Gammon Empire review

Sponsored Post: I was asked to review Gammon Empire. They state that they offer the internet most exciting backgammon game on the internet. To be honest with you – I have never played backgammon before – so I was excited … Continue reading

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They won’t let you down

My friend Janko wrote once a post about spammers. Basicaly he stated, that they won’t let you down. No matter what you’ll get emails from them. And it looks like they put all their attention on me at the moment. … Continue reading

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Runes of Avalon logo

We are very very close to launch our newest title: Runes of Avalon. Expect exclusive preview of this game on December 6th. Until then logo has to satisfy you 🙂

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