GabCab for PC and Mac – our newest game

We’re pleased to say that after almost 2 years of hard work we released GabCab – great time management game.

Get ready for fun with GabCab! Upgrade your cab, hire assistants, and catch tips as you keep your customers content in this fun and exciting Time Management game. Hire assistants, including a limo and a tour bus, as you gain more and more customers and start raking in the cash! Hop into GabCab today and go on a hilarious ride!

* Hire fun helpers
* Customize your cab
* Hop into the GabCab!
* 98 levels

Unfortunately we can’t sell it directly to you, but I’m sure Amazon store is not a bad choice either. The game is/will be available at top casual portals too.

GabCab GabCab ski lift GabCab awards

GabCab received great reviews at GameZebo. Here’s a quote for you:

GabCab is definitely an entertaining game, highly original, and proving how to make a real stand-out sequel. The game does not simply improve the experience of Airport Mania, it creates a totally new experience that still resembles the other game enough to satisfy older fans and newcomers. GabCab receives four stars and a recommendation from us, so enjoy the ride.

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