Shrek Forever…? Better not.

I watched Shrek Forever with my kids yesterday and I have to say I’m disappointed. Not that the kids didn’t like, they did. They’ve been a bit scared, as the movie is quite often dark and lots of ogres and witches doesn’t help. Not that the kids didn’t laugh. They did. It’s that I didn’t laugh quite as often as I hoped. After watching trailers I though that they got smarter after Shrek 3 and Shrek 4 will be again a movie of comedy and action. It wasn’t.

If you have little kids you don’t want to go to cinema to see that changing diapers sucks, just to hear 70 minutes later that your live is great, because you have kids. I know that without watching movies. I know that having kids is wonderful even if they do squeeze every bit of energy from you. The funny thing about Shrek 4 is that he wouldn’t realize it without a day off of family and that us, real parents, most often don’t have the chance to realize that, because we can’t sign “Deal of Life” to get a day off.

Anyway, if you already seen Shrek movie go check out our latest game – The Marble Journey.

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