The Power of ONION

onionsWhat onions have in common with game development? Not much, but listen to the story.

I come down with strep throat for the second time within a month. This is no good. My body resistance seems to be very weak and that’s no wonder. I work?way too much. I took last antibiotic on Saturday and didn’t feel quite healthy. My doctor says it’s normal and that I’ll be healthy pretty soon. But I was not so sure… I had to cook a dinner for my?family and?rediscovered onion. I decided to eat raw onion to increase my resistance. It wasn’t a?pleasure, although I like to do some crazy things from time to time.?Next day I did the?same. OK, I haven’t eat whole onion, just a half (but of a big one). What?counts is that I?feel much better (healthier) today. Better than I felt any day within last?month. Now that’s?the power of onion.

To make this post game related – because of strep throat I missed Game Conference – one of two conferences in Poland that I care about. And of course our games release has delayed.

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