Animal Drop Safari launches on iOS. Get your iPhones and iPads ready!

Animal Drop Safari – get ready to go on safari in this epic match-3 adventure game! The game just launched on iOS. Get your iPhone or iPad ready for some cool matching action.

Travel the world, from the ocean to the savannah and from the Amazon to the Arctic. Collect photos as you go. Swap and blast your way through 100 levels of entertaining, casual puzzle action!

Grab your camera – careful you don’t drop it! – and keep your eyes peeled for the colorful parrot, the lazy sloth, the slippery frog and 17 other animal friends. This game has eye candy galore. It’s more fun than a trip to the zoo, and you don?t have to wait in line! Watch out for the ferocious tiger and sneaky anaconda, though, they’ll make your legs turn to jelly!

Download Animal Drop Safari for iOS form the App Store

Download Animal Drop Safari from Google Play for Android device

As you advance through your photographic crusade, you?ll submit your best shots to a wildlife magazine. Mash that shutter button, because those pics are worth hard cash! We?re not talking lollipop money, either: You can use your earnings to buy power-ups, continues, extra lives and more.

Animal Drop Safari - a match-3 game Animal Drop Safari - a match-3 game

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