2010 Year in Review

Beginning of New Year is usually a good moment to take a look back and check what was achieved, what went right and what wrong. 2010 was a good year for Anawiki Games. We managed to release 3 new games and 2 others got some extra promotion. We also started one big game, that we initially hoped to release last year, but after adding few features we aim to release it in the first quarter of 2011.

Soccer Cup Solitaire – a game of love, our love of soccer, and our first try at solitaire games. We expected that it might not be a top seller, because solitaire games are played mostly by women and soccer is not theirs favorite sport. Still, we’re pleased of what we have achieved with this game, we’re pride of the soundtrack (huge thanks to Saint of Silence) and happy that those who tried the game say it’s a great game.

GabCab – that’s probably the game that had the longest development time, almost 2 years (but soon to be beaten by Grace and the Wonderland Rescue). This game was created with the people from Reflexive, that stay behind the titles like Airport Mania or Simplz: Zoo. We enjoyed working with them and learned a lot during development time.

Dress-Up Pups – that’s our latest release, and it might be our best selling title too. I won’t write much about this game at the moment, because I’m writing longer post about “making of Dress-Up Pups”. If you want to try good match-3 game try Dress-Up Pups.

The Perfect Tree – this charming game was created by the end of 2009, but we finished it too late to give it wide distribution. What didn’t happen last year, happened in 2010. We’ve been pleased to see that the game topped some popular charts.

Spooky Runes – just like The Perfect Tree the game was created in 2009, but in 2010 we added more levels and relaxed mode. With those features it debuted on most big game sellers.

Linux – this might sound fancy to some of you, but there are people that love Linux. We released both Runes of Avalon for Linux a long time ago, and thought that it is about time to release our latest games for Linux too. It was quite fun. We will be releasing all our games for Linux.

Website improvements – for a long time our website was abandon. We’ve been focused on development of GabCab and other games and didn’t have much time to maintain our website. It was about time to change it. We are still focused on game development, but incrementally improve our website. Game themes (those cool images on sides) are probably most noticeable elements, but we changed website header and few menu items too. Expect to see on-line games added and probably game reviews later.

Coming soon games:
Arizona Rose and the Riddle’s of Pirates – we started it in the summer and hoped to release it by the end of 2010, but after adding so many cool features we aim to release it in March 2011. Hopefully it will the best picross (nonogram) game ever made.
Grace and the Wonderland Rescue – OK, maybe it’s not that much new, as it started in 2006 I believe, but it was dusted for years and finally it’s getting new shine.

Stay in touch. More games to come soon.

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  1. Jake Birkett says:

    Glad to hear about all your successful releases last year! Make 2011 even better!

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