BETA TEST: Dress-Up Pups

Our newest game Dress-Up Pups enters beta tests stage!

Please download beta version of Dress-Up Pups for Windows. It lets you play for 2 hours. At the end of your play, when you exit the game, it will save and send your progress through the Internet to our server, don’t worry if your firewall alarms you. This will help us make a better game and eliminate too easy and too hard levels.

Dress-Up Pups is a Match-3 game that puts you in charge of a luxury fashion agency catering to the most extravagant dog-lovers. Each customer has a unique vision for their pet’s ultimate outfit; help them bring their dreams to life through classic, chain-style and groups match-3 game play, plus jigsaw puzzle mini-games!

Dress-Up Pups features 190 levels of match-3 fun. On the way to your design success you will 10 amazing characters and will create 21 unique outfits for their dogs.

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