Pony World Deluxe Review at Gamezebo

I am pleased to let you know that Pony World Deluxe received a great review at Gamezebo – 4 stars from reviewer and 5 stars from players. Here is a quick quote and if you want to read full review click here.

A surprisingly robust and replay-friendly spin on the usual virtual pet-rearing diversion, it’s nonetheless also sadly saddled with some of the same aggravations that come with caring for the actual animals.

On the bright side, you’ll immediately be struck by the depth and breadth of the vibrantly-colored universe in which the outing’s set. Starting out, players can customize a pony to their heart’s content, tweaking variables like name, gender, skin color, bandanas, socks and even tattoos. (Think hearts, flowers and – oddly – Japanese kanji writing).

Don’t forget to try the game on your own!

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