First full review of Runes of Avalon

I’ve been waiting for this moment so long and it finally happend. Reviews of Runes of Avalon are popping up on the internet. Casual Review was the first one to publish their own. Here’s a quote, but make sure to read full review (and don’t forget to download the game – PC & Mac versions available).

Sometimes games come out of nowhere and bowl you over with their beauty, originality, and general coolness. And while this game has the beauty, originality, and coolness down, it certainly didn’t come out of nowhere for those of us involved in the indie game scene. We have been given weekly, nay, daily updates on the progress of this game on various development blogs for so long I feel like a part of me has died now that the game is finally out. That being said, I am ever so happy to report that it is a absolute piece of art, and you really should go play it.

Review is great reading. The only thing I don’t get is why we scored only two stars for the storyline? Other games almost without the story received 3 or 4 stars. We have so deep and beautifully illustrated story and got just 2?! Check the story yourself. Let me know if you agree with Nick or not.

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