Runes of Avalon are ready (Mac & Windows)

Yes, Yes, Yes! Finally. Both demo and full version of Runes of Avalon are ready for Mac (universal binaries) and Windows. It was quite fun to port this game to Mac. Porting went smooth on Mac Intel, but Mac PowerPC was quite a challange. For most of the time I didn’t have access to keyboard. I bought Mac G4 400Mhz with 128MB Ram just to do the port. At the end, when the game was ready, I was very surprised how smooth the game works on this machine. But to the point. It’s the best time to try Runes of Avalon. Easter Holidays are about to start and you should have some extra time to play our game.

Runes of AvalonRunes of Avalon

Game features:

  • Up to 120 levels
  • 6 spells (bonuses)
  • Three game modes: Quest, Endless and Time Attack
  • Boss levels enhancing gameplay
  • Intriguing storyline
  • Beautiful prerendered graphics
  • JigSaw Bonus mini-game
  • 14 enchanting images to reveal 
  • Wallpapers as a rewards for completing stages
  • Mystic music & sfx
  • and more

download mac download pc

Visit Runes of Avalon official website for more informations.

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