Games and stories

Does game need a story? Can story be a game? Well, not every game and not every story.

Actually, I know only one story that can be played? What’s that? This is one of the best games I ever played, called Another World. It is a game, but has such a deep storyline, that should be considered a story that can be played. Another World is 15 years old but there are thousands of players that still remember that title. Haven’t played it? You must give it a try. Game was recently re-released with improved graphics.

Storyline very often enhances a game, makes it deeper, makes you wanna play longer. We’ve been working on storyline for Runes of Avalon for couples of weeks – well, actually professional writer was writing it. And you know what? We ended up with 23 pages of text. That’s huge, but also very interesting. Implementing it well into the game will be another piece of art.

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