Prof. Fizzwizzle review

I can’t do more coding today so I decided to give my grain a little breake and review one of the most enjoyable games I had a chance to play.

This game is exceptional – not only because it’s great, but it’s also rare (in a positive manner) – you won’t find many like this one on the net, so make sure you start downloading your free trial version while you read this review (PC, Mac, Linux).

The story is simple – genious professor needed some help in his lab with cleaning and sweeping, so he build a robot. Not long after the robots went rage and through professor out of his lab. Now you have to help the prof. to get back to his lab.

So what prof. can do? Manualy he’s much less skilled than mentaly… he can walk, climb a ladder, push and use power-ups. Not much you say, but it’s not the muscles that are important here. And he’s unbreakable – no matter from how high he falls it doesn’t do any harm to him.

As simple as it may look like at the beggining it’s not at the end. The more you play, the harder it gets. I am very impressed by the smooth introduction to all new features in the game. You don’t need to read the story, you don’t need the manual. Everything is explained nicely within the game so you even doesn’t notice that you’re playing tutorial.

The game has about 200 levels, but you probably don’t want to count level sets for kids. Still, it’s enormous amount of excercice for your brain. Believe me – later levels are not that easy, but whenever you’re stucked don’t have to tear hairs out of your head. Just use show solution feature to pass any element of the level or whole level. Zero frustration gameplay guaranteed as stated on developers website.

As a bonus, when you get the full version you gain access to custom levels made by fans of a little prof. And if that is not enough for you, you can made your own with built in level editor.

Almost last words
My recommendation: buy it. You can’t go wrong.

Parents point of view
The game does awesome job as a kid entertaing toy. No matter how old they are – they’ll love music and graphics. There are two sets of levels for kids – alphabet and kids (although some levels are in both sets). Those levels are much easier so you won’t be bothered by kid every time one struggle with the game.

Finally, when you have really small kid – let’s say 2 years old like my younger daughter Amelia – you can put one on your knees and press “show solution”. This way kid doesn’t interupt playing and there is something going on the screen.

The only thing I don’t get is why kids like so much watching professor falling of the ground 😉

Last words
So is your download complete? Install it now and start playing.

Title: Professor Fizzwizzle
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Grubby Games
Platforms: PC Windows, Linux, Mac

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