Kubi review

This is my first review so keep this in mind (and that I am not a native english speaker) 😉

Kubi is a set of 5 creative activities for kids 3+. One can form the picture by sliding and swaping slices. Use all skils to copy the picture or have fun with some coloring exercises. One can even draw your own KUBI pictures.

I started the game and put my three years old daughter (Wiktoria) in front of the screen. She had no troubles clicking big well designed icons. I had to explain her what she has to do in each of activities, but then she was able to play on her own. I don’t have to add that since then I had to let her play Kubi more often.

Pictures presented in Kubi are amusing. Drawn in a simple way – the way kid would do it – perfectly understandable for them.

The only minor issue I had with this is that time limit is set to 15 minutes. So make sure you test the game with your kid. Otherwise you my find Kubi great but your kid won’t have a chance to try it. But you can’t go wrong buying this title.

Kids love to draw and Kubi is a safe way for them to do it on computer.

Kubi is available for pc download and mac download. It’s less than 4mb so give it a try.

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