The battle for Avalon

It’s comming. Day by day. Runes of Avalon… and Evelyne, the Apprentice to Merlin. Can she defeat Morganna? Can she learn rune magic quick enough to protect all the living? Who will she meet on her path?

Evelyne, the Aprrentice - Runes of Avalon

Years ago, Morganna made a bid for power and only Merlin was strong enough to oppose her. They fought their magical battle on ground and in the sky, and soon the land around them burned and the air became acrid with smoke. In the end Morganna was defeated, but not without cost. The Field of Gold-known for its lush and productive lands?were destroyed and left a rocky, barren wasteland that would never recover.

Battle for Avalon - Runes of Avalon

Morganna, though defeated and wounded, escaped. Using magic as a cover, she nursed her wounds and grew stronger in secret.

Now, she is healed, dangerous and hungry for revenge.

Morganna - Runes of Avalon

Watch our website closely. New match-3 with a twist of Tetris. Runes of Avalon are coming very soon.

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