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Maggie the Gardener - online gallery

To view full size gardens you need to download Maggie the Gardener game - available for PC and Mac.
To submit your gardens to online gallery you should get the full version.
To rate gardens you need full version of the game.

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Total entries:  793 

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  Name: TORT 
Author: HORIA
Submitted: July 28, 2006
Popularity: 116
Rating: 2.57143
  Name: clock 
Author: HORIA
Submitted: July 28, 2006
Popularity: 106
Rating: 3.06667
  Name: Dominika 
Author: Dominika
Submitted: August 11, 2006
Popularity: 72
Rating: 4
  Name: clock 
Author: Donna Jordan
Submitted: September 2, 2006
Popularity: 58
Rating: 2.57143
  Name: ric 
Author: ric
Submitted: September 11, 2006
Popularity: 41
Rating: 1.5
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